Right when you open Photopea, there is a list of storages on the left side.

A storage represents some "place with data" (files and folders). Photopea has a file manager, which lets you browse these files and folders. The main purpose is to simplify your work:

  • double-click a file (in a storage) to open it in Photopea
  • press Ctrl+S in Photopea to save it back (to a storage)

You can switch between a Tile / Icon / List views, or sort items by Name / Date / Size.

Right-click to rename, duplicate or delete files, folders, or make new files and folders. Select several items by holding Ctrl or Shift (Ctrl+A to select all). Press letters on a keyboard to jump to items starting with that letter. You can download any file to your device, or drag-and-drop files from your device to a storage.

You can browse a storage at any time using File - Open More - Storage. You can save your work as a new file in some storage using File - Save More - To Storage.


We offer several endpoints at the moment:

  • your local device
  • cloud storages (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive)
  • Peadrive - the cloud storage from Photopea

You can switch between storages by clicking them on the left side. You can even copy files in one storage and paste them into a different storage! Photopea offers the easiest way to move all your data from Google Drive to Drobpox, without copying them to your computer in between!

Storages enable us to create file-related features, like batch-processing hundreds of GB of files with a single click, saving 100,000 versions of your work to your device (e.g. through a script), or simply getting a total number of all PSD files in your computer (or any other storage).

Peadrive and Sharing

When you log in to Photopea (the "Account" button at the top), you can join teams, or start new teams. You also get access to the Peadrive storage.

Peadrive is a special storage. Each item (a file or a folder) can be shared with teams that you are a member of, with certain permissions (Read or Read&Write). When you enter Peadrive, there is a special folder called "Shared". Inside it, there is a special folder for each of your teams. Inside each team folder, there are items that someone shared inside that team.

Simply Right-click an item in a Peadrive storage, and choose "Share With" - Team Name - Permission (Read, Read&Write, or Unshare, if it is already shared).


For example, you are one of five members of a team "Work". Your boss (also a member of a team) has a folder "Mockups" in his Peadrive. He shared this folder with a team "Work" (Read&Write permissions). Now, you can browse through this folder, open the files in Photopea, modify them, and press Ctrl+S. The old file (in your bosses Peadrive) will be replaced by a new one made by you. Or you can save it separately as a new file in the "Mockups" folder (creating a new file in your bosses Peadrive, since he gave you the Write access to his "Mockups" folder).

Another example: an accountant prepares a PDF file each month, which all 100 employees must see. He can send 100 emails once a month. If there is a mistake, a new PDF must be created and 100 new emails must be resend, explaining that this PDF replaces the old one, and the old one must be ignored.

Or everyone can log in at, the accountant makes a team "Company" and everybody joins in. The accountant makes a folder "Business" in his Peadrive, shares it with a team "Company" (Read permission) and adds one new PDF file each month. Every employee can see all PDF files from all months next to each other. If a PDF contains a mistake, the accountant simply replaces it with a new one. The employees can be sure that they always see the latest version.

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