Photopea allows you to log-in through a third-party service (Google, Facebook ...). Once you do it, Photopea can identify you and store your settings online (theme, language, colors, tool options). Then, settings can be synchronized across all devices, where you use Photopea.

Photopea offers two types of accounts: Free and Premium. The Free account is available to anybody for free at The Premium account lets you use Photopea without advertisement and may have other benefits.

You can see prices and manage your account through the Account Window (click the Account button at the top). Here you can order the Premium account or see, how many days of Premium you have left. Logging in is necessary for having Premium accounts. The basic option is a Premium account for a single user.


You can order a Premium account for the whole team of users. It has three main benefits:

  • Just a single person pays for the whole team (more comfortable)
  • You can change team members at any time
  • You can save money (less expensive per user)

Creating teams is extremely simple. There are no emails, registrations, synchronizations etc. All can be done inside the Account window. A team leader (the one who pays for the account) simply ticks "Create a team" and fills in email addresses of all members of a team. Each team member ticks "Join a team" and fills in the email address of a team leader.

To be a member of a team, you have to "choose a leader" and the leader has to "choose you" as one of members. The leader can add or remove members at any time, and the member can change the leader at any time.


Photopea API allows you to have the editor at your own website (using the iframe), and configure it as you wish, for free. But sometimes, you may want to hide advertisement, social media buttons, branding ... let's call it a whitelabel mode.

Photopea has an internal list of whitelabel domains. When you place the editor into your website and your domain is in the list, Photopea runs in a whitelabel mode, and it runs in a regular mode otherwise. The Distributor account allows you to add your domain into that list.

Order a distributor account (through the Account Window) for the expected number of views per month. If you exceed that number, just order a higher version next time. If you exceed the number many times (and ignore our emails), your domain may be removed from a list (you will have a standard mode instead of whitelabel).

After you pay for the Distributor account, enter the name of your domain and click Save. You can change your domain at any time.

Self-Hosted Version

Photopea consists of one HTML file, one CSS file and several JS and PNG files (around 2 MB in total). It can be easily hosted anywhere, there is no need for advanced server-side technologies (no PHP, no Node.js, no databases).

We provide a self-hosted package with a complete editor, which you can use on your own server. It has several benefits over regular Distributor accounts:

  • you can manually change CSS styles
  • you can run it in an internal network without internet access
  • you are not dependent on (when you are afraid, that your country may block foreign websites)
  • you can be sure, that no part of the editor will change while you use it

Self-Hosted version always costs more, than a Distributor account. You should pay for a whole year (12 months) in advance, and you will get resources, that will work for exactly a year. After each year, you can decide, if you want to prolong the usage (pay and get new resources), or terminate it. You can get two updates during a year for free (at any time), each next update costs 200 USD.

Write us an email to and we can discuss custom terms of our agreement.