A document in Photopea is a rectangular area, which contains graphics (layers with images, text, vector shapes, etc.). But what if we want to have "multiple documents in one document"?

A document can have artboards, which look like "documents inside a document". We can move them around, move layers from one artboard to another, resize the artboard, etc. A document will be saved as a single PSD files, with all artboards inside it.

If we look deeper, an artboard is just a folder of layers. If we move a folder, all layers inside are also moved. But there are a few differences:

  • Each artboard has its own rectangle (a "window") attached to it, only the layers inside that rectangle are displayed.
  • An artboard can have a custom background color.
  • Artboard can not be placed into another folder, it is always "top level".

Working with Artboards

When creating a new document, we can check the "Artboard" checkbox, to have a document with a single empty artboard. Artboards are common in formats like Sketch, XD, Figma, and Photopea can detect artboards in these files. If you open a PDF, each page is converted into an artboard.

You can manage artboards with the Artboard tool. Chose the tool and draw a rectangle to create a new artboard. If you select an artboard (in the Layers panel), you can resize it, or click the "+" button to add a new artboard of the same size. You can rename or delete an artboard just like you do with any other layer.

Press Window - Properties to see properties of an artboard. You can enter specific dimensions there, or change the background.

When you select an artboard, rulers are redrawn relative to that artboard (zero at the top left corner of the artboard). When you add guides, they will be attached to a selected artboard (and will be hidden if you select another one).

Exporting Artboards

When you export to formats like PNG or JPG, there is the "As Artboards" checkbox. Enable it to export a ZIP archive with a PNG/JPG file for each artboard. When you export to PDF, each artboard is turned into a separate PDF page.

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