Sometimes, we need to automate image editing. We can record our work as an action and apply it to other documents later.

Actions Panel

Actions are managed through the Actions panel. It can be displayed by pressing Window - Actions. Here we see the structure of current actions in the middle. We can manipulate with actions using the buttons at the bottom of the panel.

There is a strict structure of actions. Basic units are Action Sets (which have a Folder icon). An Action Set contains Actions (which have only an arrow). Each Action may contain Steps (which have a checkmark on the left).

You can click on Action Sets, Actions, or Steps, to select them. Use the buttons at the bottom to modify the structure.

  • Record - start recording your work (as Steps) into a selected action. Press it again to stop recording.
  • Apply - apply an action to the current document
  • New Action Set
  • New Action
  • Delete - delete a selected Action Set, an Action or a Step
  • Export - export a selected Action Set as an .ATN file

ATN files

Photopea can process (load and save) actions inside ATN files. These files are used by Adobe Photoshop and probably other software.

Each ATN file contains exactly one Action Set. Press File - Open, to load the ATN file into Photopea. Press the Export button (in the Actions panel) to export the current Action Set as an ATN file.

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