November 11, 2022

Use Stable Diffusion for free in Photopea

Text-to-image converters are becoming more and more popular. We have many different "AI models", i.e. programs, which can create an image based on your text description. But they are often huge (gigabytes of data) and might reuqire an expensive machine to run.

You can use these tools for free inside! Open and press Window - More - Stable Diffusion. Now, whenever you open a photo, there will be a button "StD" on the right side, which opens the Stable Diffusion window.


You can let this method fill the missing areas of your photo. E.g. a picture of an eye:

It can be done using Raster masks. Just add a mask to your layer and paint the unknown areas with black. Then, enable "Inpaint the masked area", and run the method. Try it here!.

  • Non-square layers will be filled it with black on the side.
  • The result will be as large your layer. To make a new content around a tiny image, make a larger fully white layer below, and merge it with your image.


We want to cooperate with different providers (OpenAI, Stability.AI, ...). As we need to pay them, we encourage you to get your own API Key and paste it into Photopea. Usually, you get hundreds credits for free. Press the "API Key" button in the Stable Diffusion plugin to learn more.

Do you need help? Ask us at our Reddit!