October 1, 2020

Simplest Way to Take a Photo with a Webcam

Did you ever want to take a quick picture of yourself or someone, but all you had was a laptop (or a desktop)? Let's look at how to take a picture simply anywhere, on any device in a web browser.

Go to Photopea.com

Open Photopea and press File - Take a picture. You will see the webcam output in front of you.

At the top, you can choose a camera, if your device has multiple cameras. At the bottom left corner, you will see the resolution of the image. Now, press "Take a picture" button. You can close the window now, you will see your photo in front of you.

Now, press File - Export As - JPG, and press Save. Your photo will be saved to your device. You can upload it to social networks, send to a friend, etc :)

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