November 25, 2023

Photopea says I am blocking ads, but I am not

Did you turn off your ad blockers for Photopea, but it still says you are blocking ads? There are four possible reasons.

1. You are using AdBlock

Are you using AdBlock (this specific browser extension) and you turned it off for Photopea? This extension has a bug, and it keeps blocking ads even after you tell it not to. We recommend switching to AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin. If you tell them to allow ads on some website, they actually allow ads (unlike AdBlock).

2. Other ad blocking extensions

You could have extensions, which break our ads, but do not contain "ad" or "block" in their name. E.g. I don't care about cookies blocks the ad consent dialog, which prevents our ads from running.

Press the "puzzle piece icon" in your browser to see, what extensions have your permission to see and change information on the site (in other words, they can modify a website in any way they want). Try to disable some of them.

3. Brave Browser

The Brave browser always blocks certain domains related to ads, it can not be turned off. Switch to some different browser to use Photopea with ads.

4. Countries under sanctions

Are you in Syria, Cuba, Iran, Russia or North Korea? Our ad provider does not do business in these countries, we recommend you to try using the VPN.

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