April 7, 2019

Photopea Doesn’t Work – What To Do

You may have problems when opening Photopea editor at Photopea.com. Here are several steps which can help you.

When Nothing Works

Update your Browser

To keep Photopea fast, we use new web standards. It is possible, that Photopea will not work properly in a two years old browser. Your $100 smartphone may run Photopea better than your $2,000 desktop, because a desktop browser may be old, while the phone browser is new. Always keep your browser updated.

Go to Photopea.com/WilItWork for a basic test of browser capabilities. If it says "No", your browsr is definitely too old.

Site-rewriting Extensions

People use many browser extension. An extension has rights to read, analyze and rewrite any website that you visit. Extensions try to remove advertisement, add advertisement, or change the user experience in some way.

Disable your extensions and see, if Photopea works. You can quickly open Photopea without extensions through the Incognito Mode of your browser (extensions are disabled in the Incognito Mode).

Site-rewriting Viruses and Antiviruses

Viruses and Antiviruses could try to change what you see on the web. Scan your OS for possible viruses. If your antivirus or firewall performs website rewriting (it could be called Web Security or Web Protection), try to disable it (Kaspersky is known to do it).

Look into Web Console

If nothing above helped, right-click the Photopea environment (even if it is empty) and choose Inspect Element. In the new window, switch to Console. Take a screenshot of what you see and send it to support@photopea.com, or start an issue at our GitHub page.

When You Can't Open Or Save a File

Open Photopea in a new window and try to opea a JPG or PNG file in it. Then, try to save it in your format (JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF ...). If opening or saving this simple file does not work, there is a problem in your browser. Try to update it, change the settings or disable extensions.

If simple files work well, but you have a problem with a specific file (PSD, Sketch, XCF, XD, PDF, etc.), send it to us to support@photopea.com and we will take a look at it :)