April 7, 2019

Photopea Doesn’t Work – What To Do

Do you have problems when using Photopea.com? Here are several tips.

Try it in Incognito Mode

Open a new Incognito window, navigate to Photopea.com and try the same thing. If it works well, it means, that some of your browser extensions breaks Photopea (extensions are disabled in Incognito mode).

Every extension is able to read, analyze and rewrite every website that you visit. Do not use extensions, when you don't know what exactly they do. Even if its name contains "Google", "Facebook", "Cleaner", "Guard" etc. Anybody can make an extension with such name.

Update your Browser

Some features of Photopea may not work in browsers, that are more than three years old. Update your browser and see if it helps.

Your browser can be too old, but it can also be "too new". Alpha and Beta versions of browsers, which are ahead of a stable release, can have many bugs. So try it in a stable release of a browser.

Site-rewriting Viruses and Antiviruses

Viruses and Antivirus programs could try to change what you see on the web. Scan your OS for possible viruses. If your antivirus or firewall performs website rewriting / censoring (it could be called Web Security or Web Protection), try to disable it.

When You Can't Open Or Save a File

Always try to open several different files (even JPGs, PNGs, ...). If you can not open or save any file at all, you probably have a too old browser, or extensions, that break Photopea.

If some files work well, but others don't, send a problematic file to us to support@photopea.com and we will take a look at it :)


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