January 11, 2019

Open RAW Photos Online

Modern cameras can save images in RAW formats. RAW files need additional processing, before they can be printed or used on the Web. Let's see, how we can do it quickly online, for free.

RAW files can be quickly opened in Photopea at www.Photopea.com. Once you are there, click File - Open, and find your RAW file. Photopea supports .DNG, .NEF, CR2, .ARW and other raw formats.

You will see your photo in front of you, and a histogram of colors. You can adjust several properties, such as White Balance (with a Tint and Temperature slider), Exposure or Contrast.

When you are happy with how your photo looks like, press Open to edit the photo further in Photopea, or press the JPG button, to quickly get a JPG version of your photo.

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