April 12, 2023

Interface Of Photopea Is Too Tiny

You have been using Photopea for a long time, but suddenly, all buttons, menus, text labels and the whole interface became too small and tiny (or too big), what is going on?

Webpage Zoom

It is all caused by a webpage zoom. You told your web browser to scale the website down (or up). As a proof, you can see the magnifying glass icon next to "photopea.com"

Fixing the problem

In Google Chrome, just click that icon and click "Reset", to reset the webpage zoom to 100%.

In Mozilla Firefox, just click the number with the value of zoom, to reset it back to 100%.

How did it happen?

If you don't remember changing the webpage zoom, you probably did it accidentally by pressing some keyboard shortcuts. E.g. if you press Ctrl+Minus in Photopea, it zooms out the document. But if you click outside Photopea into the browser search bar, Ctrl+Minus is not delivered to Photopea, and a browser interprets it as zooming.

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