January 20, 2024

Install Photopea to your device

Installing Photopea to your device offers many advantages. Give it a try! :)

How to install Photopea

To install Photopea to your device, click "More" at the top, and then, "Install Photopea".

What it actually does?

In short, it places an icon on your homescreen, and this icon will start Photopea in a special browser mode with a reduced browser interface. So, "less browser, more Photopea".

Photopea will still run in your web browser (if you uninstall the browesr, Installed Photopea will not work). All your browser extensions will be running, too. A browser still decides, what the installed Photopea can or can not do.

There are a few other interesting features, which you get:

  • double-click PSD files on your device to edit them in Photopea
  • some browsers allow us to use Ctrl+T, Ctrl+W and other shortcuts, which we can't use in a regular browser mode

The Install option is not available

When you open Photopea.com, we wait for a browser to send us a message, saying that it is ready to install Photopea. Only then, we activate the button "Install Photopea". If we don't receive this message, the button is never activated.

There could be two reasons why the browser doesn't send us this message:

  • It is not supported by your browser. See the list of supported browsers.
  • Photopea is already installed (but you just deleted the homescreen icon). For Chrome, open chrome://apps to see installed websites. Right-click Photopea and uninstall it. Then, the "Install Photopea" option should be available again.

Do you need help? Ask us at our Reddit!