October 1, 2019

Create SVG for Cricut cutter for free

Prepare an SVG file for a Cricut cutting machine. Do it for free in an online editor Photopea.

Create a new document

Once you open Photopea, press File - New. Enter the Width: 1000, Height: 1000, Background: Transparent, and press Create.

Type your text

Choose a Type tool from a toolbar on the left side (or press T on your keyboard). Now, click into the document area and start typing. You can start over it by pressing Escape and clicking into the document again.

Once you finish typing, select your text with a mouse and change its look in the menu at the top. You can choose the font, text size, text color, alignment, etc. Many more parameters can be found in a Character window. I used the font Pacifico, and the size 250 px. You can confirm it with a Checkmark in the top menu.

Turn it into a shape

Now, look at the Layers panel (at the bottom right part of the screen). Right-click the text layer (that has an icon with a "T") and choose "Convert to Shape".

Choose a Path Select tool in a toolbar (or press A) and click at one of the letters. You will see tiny "nodes" around it, which define the vector shape. Look at the top: there is a drop-down menu containing "Unite". Click it and choose "Merge". This will convert all overlapping shapes (characters in our case) into one shape with a solid contour.

Export as SVG

Your text is ready now! Press File - Export as - SVG, and hit Save. You can open that SVG in Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Studio Designer Edition.

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