April 20, 2023

Convert images into a MP4 video online

We have a set of images (10, 100, 1000 ...) which we want to turn into a video, with each image as a video frame. How can we do it?

Do it with Photopea

It can be done easily and for free with Photopea.com. And there is no upload, so if you have 500 MB of images and a slow internet, you won't have to wait.

Open Photopea.com and press "New Project", set the document resolution of your final video, and press "Create". Now, drag-and-drop all images from your computer into Photopea. Alternatively, you can use File - Open and Place to place several images into a document. You will se each image as a separate document layer on the right side. Delete the original background layer by clicking it (in the Layers panel on the right) and pressing Delete.

There is a simple animation mechanism: when the layer name starts with "_a_", it defines an animation frame. Press Ctrl+Alt+A to select all layers, and press Layer - Animation - Make frames. This will add "_a_" to the names of selected layers.

Now, just press File - Export As - MP4. Click on the preview to play your video. You can also set the speed (framerate) and once you are happy, press "Save", to save an MP4 file!

Extra tricks

  • It is just as easy to turn images into a GIF, APNG or WEBP animations, just click a different format instead of MP4
  • If you open an MP4 or GIF in Photopea, you already get frames as layers with "_a_" in the name. Now, you can use Photopea to reorder or delete video frames, change the resolution, crop the video, convert GIF to MP4 or MP4 to GIF, etc.
  • When a layer has no "_a_" in the name, it is present in all frames. Use it to add a watermark or a text to your video.

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