May 29, 2020

Convert Figma to PSD

Figma is a popular tool for creating user interfaces. But it can not export into a PSD format, and Adobe Photoshop can not open FIG files. But you can do it automatically as described below.


At the moment, Photopea is the best tool for converting Figma FIG documents to Photoshop PSD files. Open to start a free online photo editor.

Load a Figma file from your device: press File - Open (in the top left corner) and find and select a Figma file (or use drag and drop).

The content of a Figma file (all pages and artboards) should be in front of you. You can click File - Save As PSD and get a PSD version of your file :)

Missing fonts

If you use any special fonts in your Figma file, load them into Photopea with File - Open (and select TTF or OTF files). Photopea will use these fonts to redraw the corresponding text layers.

An example of the same Figma file in Photopea and Figma: the layer structure is preserved.

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