January 21, 2020

Compress PDF Online For Free

We often receive PDF files, which are too big (scanned documents etc.). Such quality may not be necessary for regular usage. They can be easily compressed online in seconds.

We will compress our PDF with Photopea.com. Open Photopea and press File - Open, to open your PDF. Photopea can work with PDFs with up to 30 pages.

When the PDF is loaded, press File - Export As - PDF. A window will appear. You can see a final file size at the bottom left corner.

Enable rasterize all in the export options. Now, decrease the Quality, until the file size reaches the required value. Zoom in at the preview to see, if the quality is still acceptable. When you are done, press Save to get a PDF file. That's all! :)

Custom DPI

The process above converts each page into a raster image. Each letter becomes e.g. 30 pixels tall. You might want to improve quality (e.g. make a letter 60 px tall), or compress even more (make a letter just 15 px tall). Here is how to do it.

After opening your PDF in Photopea, press Image - Image Size, enter a smaller width / height (or switch to percents) and confirm with OK. Now, proceed with exporting: File - Export As - PDF.

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