February 25, 2021

Ads in Photopea do not work

To be able to offer Photopea to everyone free of charge, we monetize it with advertisement. Throughout the years, ads have been the main source of our income, and Photopea would not exist today without them.

If your device is removing or hiding our ads, you might see a message asking you to stop doing it. When you open Photopea.com, one of two things could happen:

  • You see ads (on the right side) - everything is ok, you should not see any message
  • You do not see ads - your device is blocking ads, you might see a message

If you do not see ads in Photopea, it is a proof that you are blocking them.

How am I blocking ads?

Usually, ads are removed by browser extensions. It is a program, which is allowed to read and modify every website, before it is displayed to you. Extensions do their best to detect ads, they can remove ads, insert their own ads, or even replace the original ads with some inappropriate ads.

An extension can have any name. An extension named "Google" could be reading all your Facebook messages and emails (if you access them in a browser) and send them to the creator of an extension.

You disabled all extensions with "ad" and "block" in their names, but you still see a message? Some extensions could still be blocking ads. Try to disable all extensions and see if it helps. Later, you can enable them back, one by one, until you find the one which is blocking ads.

These extensions are known for blocking ads: I don't care about cookies. What extension was blocking ads in your case? Let us know in comments below!

If you do not know where to find your extensions, or how to manage them, they were probably installed by someone else (a person or a virus), some of them could be dangerous. We recommend re-installing your web browser, or installing a new one. Photopea always works perfectly in a freshly installed browser with no extensions.

All extensions disabled, still no ads?

The servers of our partners could be blocked in your network (DNS block). It could be done by your family member, your internet provider, your school, your employer, or your government (in China or Iran). Get in touch with them and ask them why do they block it. In general, when you pay someone for the internet access, all public websites should be accessible, none of them should be blocked or censored.


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