Terms Of Use

The Photopea editor can be used by anyone for any purpose, for free. If Photopea allows you to do something, without asking you to pay, you can do it, and you don't have to pay. All your work belongs to you. You can sell the work, which you made in Photopea, without giving us any share. You don't have to mention that your work was made using Photopea.

We don't accept donations, but you can buy a Premium account (a one-time payment). E.g. paying for a 90-day Premium will give you a Premium account for 90 days. After that, it will switch you back to a free account. We never send any emails (you can check the state of your account only at Photopea.com).

Privacy Policy

Files, which you open in Photopea, are never sent anywhere, they never leave your device. They are processed completely inside your device, by your own hardware. Because of this, if you close Photopea without saving your work, your work will be lost.


_ppp PhotoPea Preferences - this record contains preferences of your environment (language, color theme, current foreground color, current tolerance of the Magic Wand, etc). The data in this record can not be used to identify a user.

You can delete cookie records from your computer using the interface of your web browser.

Logging in

If you log in to Photopea ("Account" at the top - "Log in"), these data will be stored at our server:

nameYour name
emailYour email address
_pppa copy of the "_ppp" record - this lets us synchronize your environment settings on all devices, where you use Photopea and log in.
paymentsIf you pay for the Premium account, payment details will be stored at our server (date, amount, etc.)

Also, a special token will be saved in your Cookies to keep you logged in after leaving the editor.

If you don't log in for more than a year, your record (all your Personal Data) will be deleted from our server. You can ask us to delete your record (all your Personal Data, that we have) immediately at support@photopea.com.